Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The real estate and construction business offers a wide range of value-add potentials.
The inner European real estate market is regarded as the most sophisticated in the world. A vast number of local laws and regulations, distinctly developed letting markets dominated by tenants as well as insufficient supply of analysis about the developments of markets and values make it difficult to earn adequate returns.
The performance of invested real estate often leaves much to be desired.

A large number of property companies experience the urgent need to launch and implement projects in the range of asset-management, property-management, and facility management as well as strategic portfolio management. This is especially true for the return-oriented asset planning from compliance of Taxonomy/ESG regulation to the operative management of letting, investment administration, sale and technical support. Often vacancy rates are too high, letting processes are inefficient, capex- / opex measures not sufficiently planned or implemented.

Often, amongst those responsible, there is a lack of entrepreneurial thinking and well defined customer-focused solutions. As a result involved parties are unable to cope with management problems and deficits due to insufficient interlinked processes arising. Constant losses of efficiency are the result. The realisation of the great potentials is frequently confronted with limited resources for execution and implementation.

This is when PHORUS Management comes in and assists by covering a wide range of real estate disciplines. Through selectively used resources no current fixed costs are incurred, but only goal and project oriented potentials are created while project potentials are channelled in a target oriented manner.

As a result the success of the projects outweighs the expenses.