Range of Services

Range of Services PHORUS Management GmbH

Many challenging management tasks surface in an unexpected matter and usually are of limited duration. Often the question arises “who can take over in the short term, has have a plan and knows how to put it into action”.

Ventures invested in and/or using real estate as a facility usually are in command of distinguished professionals, while the management in charge is commonly on the brink of its capacity and keeping expensive extra capacities available would be inefficient.

Dealing with time critical issues like urgent appraisals or concepts for marketing real estate and reassessment of portfolios the disposable capacities of the executive management and availlableexperts are often very limited in time and competence.

So complex challenges tend to stay unattended. As a last consequence for the senior management there is only one solution left: “I have to take care of it myself.”

Frank Brün, principal of Phorus Management:
“The best way to solve such a no-win situation is to talk to the professionals from the Phorus Management network. As specialist for professional management support Phorus Management offers solutions for these kind of undertakings. Assigned tasks are approached in a most management orientated manner by specialists with the necessary professionals standing at eye level.

  • We structure and support your investment and disinvestment process
  • We help bridge your staff shortages on management level
  • We help solve gridlock situations during restructurings and work-outs
  • We support enterprises with their corporate real estate management

Focus in your core business, we support you!